About Fuel to Go & Play™

Fuel to Go & Play™ aims to create healthier food environments in community venues such as sport, recreation, entertainment venues and playcentres. Fuel to Go & Play™ includes a range of activities and support for community venues to help them offer a healthier food service.

Fuel to Go & Play™ online training is the ultimate, interactive guide to offering healthier food and drinks in community venues. The training aims to increase the capacity and skills of people involved in operating a food service in these venues. Throughout the training you will have access to over 30 resources.

Trainees will gain valuable knowledge about best practice procedures, advocating for a healthy community venue, food and nutrition, menu planning, pricing, marketing and safe food preparation.

There are two courses available:

  1. Community venues training – customised for food service staff and site coordinators/committee representatives
  2. Health professionals training – tailored for health promotion officers, dietitians/nutritionists, local government staff

Simply click on the "Courses" tab at the top of the page to register for training.